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AnyOne Can Draw - Watercolour Edition
PDF Workbook

Anyone Can Draw Watercolour workbook

Learn how to use watercolours, charcoals and pastels in this detailed instructional booklet.

These proven step-by-step methods will make artists out of anyone!

  • Very simple-to-learn instructions
  • For both adults and children
"Stephan demonstrated in a creative fashion how to draw using basic shapes. His lessons tied in nicely with the Grade two art curriculum."
Sherri Sladek, Grade Two Teacher

Anyone Can Draw Watercolour WorkbookWatercolour Workbook
33 pages of instruction
~ $12 PDF download

For teachers, parents, grandparents and even adults wanting to learn to draw using watercolours, pastels and charcoal, this workbook is filled with hundreds of step-by-step instructions for the student to easily learn how to use those mediums like a pro.

Workbook includes instructions on which supplies to get and takes you through several demonstrations on drawing using the three mediums: Watercolours, Pastels and Charcoal.

Watercolour workbook sample pages

Workbook Table of Contents

Main Supplies 5
Watercolour Painting 6
Charcoal 19
Pastels 27


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