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AnyOne Can Draw - Intermediate Edition
Grades 4 and up
PDF Workbook & DVD

AnyOne Can Draw Intermediate Workbook and DVD set

A step-by-step instruction workbook for the more advanced drawer. Working with the same principles as the Primary Edition, the Intermediate introduces more detail to further enhance and encourage creativity.

Bring out the budding artist in everyone with these easy-to-use and fun to learn methods!

  • Lesson plans included for each section
  • Very simple learning methods
  • For both adults and children
  • Includes completed example drawings for most sections
  • Primarily for grades four and up
"The class responded very well to Mr. Baker's gentle, relaxed but entertaining manner. I highly recommend his art session to any elementary classroom."
Mark DeBruyn, Grade Five Teacher

Intermediate Workbook Intermediate Workbook
78 pages of instruction

~ $22 PDF download

For teachers, parents, grandparents and even adults wanting to learn to draw, this workbook is filled with hundreds of step-by-step instructions for the student to easily learn how to draw like a pro.

Using simple shapes like circles, squares and triangles, any student can draw just about anything they see! This revolutionary method of learning to draw is fast becoming the teacher's primary method to showing their students how to become budding artists due to its simplicity and logical form of instruction.

Table of Contents

Intermediate Workbook Samples
Castles 4
Lesson Plan #1 7
Lesson Plan #2 15
Pirates and Things Above and Below The Sea 18
Cartooning 16
Lesson Plan #3 19
Lesson Plan #4 25
Lesson Plan #5 27
Lesson Plan #6 29
Houses and Cars 33
Lesson Plan #7 41
The Garden 43
Things in Space 47
Lesson Plan #8 52
Environments 53
Lesson Plan #9 54
Arctic 55
African 58
Australia 61
Americas 66
North America 67
South America 70
Appendix 76
Lesson Plan #10 78
Lesson Plan #1179

Intermediate DVDIntermediate DVD
Over 1.6 hours of instruction

Enjoy learning how you can draw by watching Anyone Can Draw DVDs from the comfort of your home, classroom or office!

Each DVD will give you step by step instructions for many of the popular drawings and main topics from the Anyone Can Draw Intermediate workbook.

Watch as Stephan shows you how to draw many different subjects. These step-by-step instructions were taped in a live classroom setting and give students a great base to follow when using the workbook to draw other subjects.


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