Teachers and Parents: See How Easy It Is For Anyone To Learn To Draw!

Introducing fun, easy-to-learn instruction workbooks for kids and for adults to quickly learn to draw!

As a teacher or parent, access a child's creativity in this step-by-step simple method of learning to draw using basic shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares.

Choose from the Primary or Intermediate edition, depending on the skill level of the budding artist.

"Stephan demonstrated in a creative fashion how to draw using basic shapes. His lessons tied in nicely with the Grade two art curriculum."
Sherri Sladek, Grade Two Teacher


NEW! Watercolour Edition
PDF Workbook

Anyone Can Draw Watercolour Workbook

Learn how to use watercolours, charcoals and pastels in this detailed instructional booklet.

These proven step-by-step methods will make artists out of anyone!

  • Very simple-to-learn instructions
  • For both adults and children

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Primary Edition
K to grade 3
PDF Workbook & DVD

AnyOne Can Draw Primary Workbook and DVD set

Learn basic shapes and line drawings using this simple technique even the most newest budding artists will easily pick up.

These proven "learn to draw" methods will make artists out of anyone!

  • Primarily for Kindergarten to grade three
  • Very simple-to-learn instructions
  • For both adults and children
  • "No erase" steps in all drawings

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Intermediate Edition
Grades 4 and up
PDF Workbook & DVD

AnyOne Can Draw Intermediate Workbook and DVD set

A step-by-step instruction workbook for the more advanced drawer. Working with the same principles as the Primary Edition, the Intermediate introduces more detail to further enhance and encourage creativity.

Bring out the budding artist in everyone with these easy-to-use and fun to learn methods!

  • Lesson plans included for each section
  • Very simple learning methods
  • For both adults and children
  • Includes completed example drawings for most sections
  • Primarily for grades four and up

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Looking for someone to teach your classroom, workshop or conference attendees how to draw?

Stephan Baker, author of the Anyone Can Draw workbook series is available throughout British Columbia and Alberta.
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